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As a small business operator, you always have a hand in every aspect of the business and creating content to expand your brand is just another one of those time consuming, exhausting and often overwhelming items on your endless to-do list.

The Company Inc. hears you, and we understand the struggles small businesses face because we are one too! And so, we built our small enterprise on a model designed to work for businesses just like yours.

Our Specialities

We don’t offer content creation services; we offer content creation collaborations. Working out of our offices in Calgary and Southern Alberta we provide content creation assistance in the areas of:

Our Collaborators

We have worked within the medical, food service, corporate, oil and gas, government, and lifestyle industries and have seen our model allow clients to see their creative ideas come to fruition, build their brands, and maintain exciting and professionally polished content while staying comfortably within their budgets.

The Calgary Awards

Featured Project

The 2022 Calgary Awards

The City of Calgary established The Calgary Awards in 1994 to celebrate and recognize outstanding achievements and contributions made by individuals, corporations, community groups, and organizations in the city. Our team was once again chosen from a group of applicants to produce the vignettes, and because of our collaborative nature we were also brought in to crew the live in-house broadcast with simulcast to web.

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