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A production company that inspires audiences and helps build brands.

The Company Inc. is a concept to creative boutique agency. We utilize our extensive knowledge and industry connections to get your message out to your market in the best way possible.

Our vision is simple, make great things with great people, and we are ready to get started making those great things with you.

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Our Services

Offering a variety of production services in Calgary and Southern Alberta.

Large & Small

A video can bring personality and heart to any message, while also demonstrating authenticity.

Whether you are interested in a 10 second social media ad, a feature length documentary, or anything in between our producers will lead you through production every step of the way.

Sharp & Focused

We deliver high-quality images that are in line with the message you want delivered.

A high-quality image is proven to increase the likelihood of a sale, provide credibility to the message or product, get more shares, and help smaller enterprise stand toe-to-toe with the big guys.

Graphic Design
Any Shape & Size

Professional design can help you get noticed. From branding through to signage.

Our designers can take your vision and turn it in to any tangible form of media required. From logo and brand design, to print media, digital media, social media, and web.

You can think of

We work with a talented network of marketing and communication specialists.

Some of the additional services we can offer are: Brand Development, Websites and UX Platforms, SEO Optimization, Marketing & Social Media Strategies and Video Broadcast Services.

Featured Project

Unseen Sacrifice

In a prosperous city of over 1.4 million, a group of heroes struggle to survive in a society they were willing to give their lives for. Salvation for them may rest in a new transitional community if they are able to set aside the visions of war, drug addictions, and mental health issues that continue to plague them long after their time is served.

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Our Clients

We strive to create lasting relationships with our clients and a commitment to growing with their needs, while maintaining a promise of big company knowledge within small company culture.

When you are ready to get started, send us a message, we are already looking forward to working with you!

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