Calgary Graphic Design Services

From fresh new designs for innovative products and services to content assistance and courses that showcase how to create your own branded elements.

Professional design services can help you get noticed, create an identity, and ensure a lasting impression for your message. Our designers can adjust existing content to fit multiple distribution needs and ensure your designs are built to last a lifetime with the flexibility to grow with your business. We can also provide a second look at your own creations with our a la carte options or teach you some new techniques with DIY courses.

The design process is broken up into three stages:

We always start with an initial meeting to get to know your business and your design needs. From there the process can change depending on the project but one thing is certain, we are always available to support you every step of the way.

The design process varies greatly based on the final product, but the one thing that remains consistent is that our team will consult with you every step of the way. Whether we are looking to you for design notes or providing feedback for your own work, we pride ourselves on open and honest communication.

Some ideas on items that may require design considerations are:

  • Logos
  • Letterhead
  • Email Signatures
  • Business Cards
  • Social Media graphics
  • Building Signage
  • Sandwich Boards and other moveable signage
  • Brochures and Flyers
  • Forms

When the design work is complete, clients are provided you with a proof for approval and the final work is delivered digitally. We can also deliver print projects straight to the printer of your choice to ensure proper file format.

A la carte offerings for Consultations include:

  • Assistance with visual brand decisions
  • Existing logo and brand package audit
  • Content writing and editing assistance

A la carte offerings for Design include:

  • Conversion of existing elements in vector images
  • Conversion of colour profiles
  • Creation of design templates

Graphic Design FAQ

How do I make great designs?

Our team can assist you with multiple type of design projects including logos, branded communications, social media graphics, forms, and signage. You get to choose the level of assistance from full-service design options to a little bit of help along the way. And if you are looking to build your skills, we also offer online courses where we share our best tips and tricks for successful designs.

What are a la carte design services?

A la carte services are single tasks involved with the design process that you can hire our team to complete for you, instead of hiring out the entire project. Some a la carte services our clients have requested are:

  • Assistance with visual brand decisions
  • Existing logo and brand package audit
  • Content writing and editing assistance
  • Conversion and redesign of existing design elements
  • Creation of design templates

Send us a message to discuss how a la carte services could help with your design needs.

Why should I choose The Company Inc?

There are a lot of content creation businesses out there, most of them are freelance services and the rest seem to be mostly large companies. Unlike everyone else, The Company Inc. is a small business and so we understand small business needs. That is why we have created an innovative way to produce content that specifically caters to the way small businesses need to operate.

On top of that we also work extremely hard to ensure our customers have the best experience possible and that means:

  • Taking the time to answer all your questions, no matter when you ask them
  • Clear and transparent pricing with no hidden charges
  • Developing a relationship with you and your business to best meet your needs
  • Holding ourselves to the highest standards of quality

Loving what we do, having fun doing it, and putting our passion into every project we work on.

Start working with us to see the difference our team offers.

Who owns the design content once it’s complete?

The complete and delivered work belongs to you once paid in full. The files and artwork used to create the final product (the working files) remain the sole property of The Company Inc. 

How do I get started?

You’ve already taken the first step! Now all you need to do is reach out and we can have a brief chat about what your design needs and provide you with some service options, estimated costs, and timeframes.