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All-inclusive photoshoots, content assistance, or courses to shift the way you produce stunning images.

From social media content to websites or presentations, photos elevate the audience’s perception of your message and ensure you aren’t being ignored. The Company Inc. provides you the option of professional photoshoots and editing services, a la carte content creation assistance, or online learning to create stunning images that will delight and dazzle any audience.

The photography process is broken up into three stages

To begin we like to get to know you, your business, and what you are looking to achieve with your digital content. We will discuss the photoshoot, visualize what you want the final photos to look like, and come up with a shopping list if we need any props or additional materials to make your vision come to life. Once we have the plan, the shoot is scheduled!

Session day is always the best part of the process however, it can also be very stressful for the photo subjects. We have a proud reputation for creating environments that perfectly balance professionalism and efficiency with fun and relaxation. Our crew works to ensure that time and resources are used most efficiently while not rushing the creative process or the people in front of the camera.

The team will arrive, set up the equipment, staging each photo so it is aesthetically pleasing, snap somewhere between 20 – 50 images of each product or person to ensure we capture the perfect one, and clean up to end the day.

Then we take all the beautiful images gathered and get to work on the finishing touches.

While many photographers are talented enough to snap near perfect photos, we believe there is always room for a little polish. These minor adjustments will guarantee the perfect photo for your content needs. Final versions are delivered in digital format for easy and quick publishing to your audience.

A la carte offerings for Art Direction include:

  • Photo content brainstorming sessions
  • Location and backdrop consultations

A la carte offerings for Photo Sessions include:

  • Equipment Rentals and setup or tear down
  • On site art direction

A la carte offerings for Photo Editing include:

  • Simple photo retouching
  • Enhancement of older photo content

Photography FAQ

How do I create great photos?

If you want to do it all on your own, we offer online courses where we share our best tips and tricks for successful photo sessions, however we recommend you collaborating with us to elevate your images to the next level.

The team at The Company Inc. can produce high quality photo content from start to finish with limited time commitment from our clients or we can also work closely with you and your marketing team to build great content. Whether you only need us to show up for a photo session and your team takes care of the rest, or if you just need some help getting your lights set up properly, we can customize our level of service to fit your needs and budget.

What are a la carte video production services?

A la carte services are single tasks involved with the photography process that you can hire our team to complete for you, instead of hiring us to do everything. Some a la carte services our clients have requested are:

  • Photo content brainstorming sessions
  • On site art direction
  • Simple photo retouching

Send us a message to discuss how a la carte services could help with your photography needs.

Calgary Photographer

Why should I choose The Company Inc?

There are a lot of content creation businesses out there, most of them are freelance services and the rest seem to be mostly large companies. Unlike everyone else, The Company Inc. is a small business and so we understand small business needs. That is why we have created an innovative way to produce content that specifically caters to the way small businesses need to operate.

On top of that we also work extremely hard to ensure our customers have the best experience possible and that means:

  • Taking the time to answer all your questions, no matter when you ask them
  • Clear and transparent pricing with no hidden charges
  • Developing a relationship with you and your business to best meet your needs
  • Holding ourselves to the highest standards of quality

Loving what we do, having fun doing it, and putting our passion into every project we work on.

Start working with us to see the difference our team offers.

How long is the average session, how many finished photos can I expect, and how much time does editing take?

If our team is hired to do the photo shoot from start to finish, a simple headshot session can be as short as 15 minutes and result in one or two finished photos that are usually delivered within a week. A session to showcase multiple products may take a few hours resulting in hundreds of finished images that in most cases are delivered within 1 to 2 weeks. For clients who choose our a la carte services, unless they are very skilled with a camera, they should expect their shoots to take a bit longer and their resulting photos to require a bit more retouching so editing may be a bit more time consuming. A good rule of thumb is to expect the timeline to be doubled.

How much should I expect to spend on photography?

How much do you want to spend on photography?

The cost of producing any content with The Company Inc. depends largely on your budget. We have built a business model that allows us to assist you in creating an exceptional product that works within the amount you have available to spend.

In general, a minimum budget of $500 can get you started with a set of stunning images.

If you would like to take advantage of our a la carte options, you can get started for as little as $100 and add additional services as needed. We would love to discuss your budget and provide a quote that more accurately reflects your needs. Let’s chat!

Who owns the photos once they are complete?

The final images belong to you. Every single one. Forever. 

How do I get started?

You’ve already taken the first step! Now all you need to do is reach out and we can have a brief chat about what your digital content needs and provide you with some service options, estimated costs, and timeframes.

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