Live video production specialists

Our diverse experience helps us create an amazing product to wow and impress your audience.

Our production team have been in the industry for over a decade each. We’ve assisted on many different types of productions. From Hockey to Rodeo to corporate events and everything in between we’ve worked it all! This diverse background helps us find efficiencies in each and every production we work on. We have been contracted by many different companies across Canada to assist with live event production.

The live production process is broken up into three stages:

Pre-Production is an essential part of any production, live or otherwise. During pre-production we will cover the entire scope of the project. We’ll work with your creative team to assess what equipment to bring to facilitate your vision.

The production day, or show day is the day of the event. Our staff will be on site to facilitate all the technical and creative requirements to make sure the show goes off without a hitch. We can even live-stream your event for attendees who were unable to attend.

Post-Production much like other video projects is used mostly to tighten up the recordings, and potentially add some polish should you want to retain a copy for your records, website, or social pages. We can also clip out specific sections of the project.

A la carte offerings for Pre-Production include:

A la carte offerings for Production include:

A la carte offerings for Post-Production include:

  • Brainstorming sessions
  • Site survey and consultations
  • Scriptwriting and editing services
  • Site and layout planning
  • Teleprompter
  • On-site show runner
  • Behind the scenes content gathering
  • Equipment procurement
  • Simple audio and video polishing
  • Motion graphic development and integration
  • Edit of show content for social media or other marketing

We build live productions that blow minds not break banks!

Live Production FAQ

How do I produce an amazing live event?

By working with us of course! The team at The Company Inc. can produce high quality live broadcast events from start to finish with limited time commitment from our clients. However, we can also work closely with you and your team to build a great show.

Whether you only need us to show up and direct on the day of, or if you just need someone to source and secure the additional equipment required, we can customize our level of service to fit your needs and budget. And if you want to us to build the whole show from the ground up we would love to share our decades of experience doing so.

A Calgary Video Production Company

What are a la carte live production services?

A la carte services are single tasks involved with the production process that you can hire our team to complete for you, instead of hiring out the entire production. Some a la carte services our clients have requested are:

  • Video content brainstorming sessions
  • Site survey and consultations
  • Equipment Rentals and setup or tear down
  • On site producer or director
  • Simple audio and video polishing
  • Re-edit of existing content

Send us a message to discuss how a la carte services could help with your production.

Why should I choose The Company Inc?

We also work extremely hard to ensure our customers have the best experience possible and that means:

  • Taking the time to answer all your questions, no matter when you ask them
  • Clear and transparent pricing with no hidden charges
  • Developing a relationship with you and your business to best meet your needs
  • Holding ourselves to the highest standards of quality
  • Loving what we do, having fun doing it, and putting our passion into every project we work on.

Start working with us to see the difference our team offers.

How much should I expect to spend on a live production?

How much do you want to spend on your live production?

Juist like the produced content we create, Live Production costs depend largely on your budget and the overall scope of your project. We have built a business model that allows us to assist you in creating an exceptional product that works within the amount you have available to spend.

We pride ourselves in finding efficiencies and cost savings as much as possible. With a wide range of industry contacts and relationships that have been nurtured for decades we have built many excellent shows within very reasonable budgets.

If you would like to take advantage of our a la carte options, you can get started for as little as $100 and add additional services as needed. We would love to discuss your budget and provide a quote that more accurately reflects your needs. Let’s chat!

What equipment do you utilize?

We have a wide range of industry contacts that provide us access to a variety of equipment options that we can source and secure for our clients. Our in house arsenal is constantly growing and includes:

  • Blackmagic Constellation 2 M/E with Multiview switcher
  • URSA Broadcast 6K Packages
  • Playdeck video playback
  • Dedicated Power Point laptops
  • Blackmagic Hyperdeck recoder
  • Blackmagic Webpresenter encoder
  • Zoom integration
  • Teleprompter solutions
  • Audio mixer

What events have you worked on?

We specialize in “Video Village” services. Clients often bring us in to provide a video signal to the existing in-house AV company while also simultaneously producing a live webstream of the event. More specifically our recurring projects include:

  • Providing crew and expertise for the live broadcast of the Calgary Awards (City of Calgary)
  • Sourcing equipment and production assistance for Benevity’s Goodness Matters Conference (The Writing Department)
  • Directing and Switching of the PBR on TSN, the CFR season, and the Ponoka Stampede (Feature Productions)

How do I get started?

You’ve already taken the first step! Now all you need to do is reach out and we can have a brief chat about what your live production needs are and provide you with some service options, estimated costs, and timeframes.