Our Story

The Company Inc. is a client centric marketing & media company.

The Company Inc. was founded in March of 2017 by Shawna Mancini and Scott Pym-Hember. At the time it was little more than a dream to build a sustainable business that would allow the partners to provide for their families while doing what they loved.

Within the first year they added Jose (Doc) Cueto and Jacek Krzywicki. These new partners changed the game completely and allowed TCI to add marketing services and technical innovation to the already stellar media production offering.

The Company Inc. has been built on dreams and hard work, and that is how we will continue to foster its growth everyday. Our vision is simple, make great things with great people, and we are ready to get started making those great things with you.

Our Team

Our vision is simple, make great things with great people.

Scott Pym-Hember

President, CEO, Production Wizard, Bacon Lover.

He is a man of many titles and many talents. Scott brings over a decade of video production knowledge to our team, along with invaluable experience in television broadcast and live events. A true visionary, he is usually the first one on the team to imagine the final product and the last one to sign off on it’s completion.

Shawna Mancini

Vice-President, Design Maven, The Polish.

She may be Vice-President on all of the legal documents but she prefers her role as Design Maven and Post Production Producer much more. With a major in Post Production, and certification in Digital Design we sometimes refer to her as “the polish”. She truly loves what she does and the clients she works with, and always puts her heart and soul into every project.

Tell us about your project, we are looking forward to working with you!

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