The Client

The City of Calgary established The Calgary Awards in 1994 to celebrate and recognize outstanding achievements and contributions made by individuals, corporations, community groups, and organizations in the city. The awards ceremony consists of presentations from city counsellors and the mayor, vignettes to highlight the recipients and a live broadcast to the web. Our team was chosen from a group of applicants to produce the 13 vignettes, and because of our collaborative nature we were also brought in to crew the live in-house broadcast with simulcast to web.

A Calgary Video Production Company

The Collaboration

Working closely with the team at The City we developed scripts and shot lists from the nominee bios, conduct documentary style interviews, and source additional content where needed. Post-production concluded with professional voice overs, motion graphic design, colour correction, and sound design. Client review and approvals are easy though our online process and every step of the project is tracked on Trello to allow complete transparency and seamless communication between teams. The final product was delivered directly to both the City of Calgary and the production crew for the live broadcast.

On the day of the ceremony we provided expert crew to work closely with the team at Adams Technologies, the official technical team for The City of Calgary. From directing, switching, camera, graphics, and playback to teleprompter operation and technical troubleshooting our team integrated seamlessly with the engineers from Adams and produced a seamless 90 minute production.

The Consensus

“Reflecting on the fact that all of this was achieved while navigating the dynamics of the approaching the first in-person Calgary Awards since the onset of the pandemic highlights the incredible competence and talents of this team.”

Jeremy Fraser | Acting Deputy City Clerk | The City of Calgary

“We have had the pleasure of working on the Calgary Awards since 2017, and one of the key benefits to working on this project year after year is that it allows us to find efficiencies in our process and that makes room for us to increase the quality of the end product without raising the price.”

Shawna Mancini | Executive Producer | The Company Inc.