The Client

Woolrich Renovations is a great fit with The Company Inc. because they are all about teamwork, customer experience, and using great talent to get the most out of any budget. They had been creating testimonial videos with an in-house production team and approached us when that was no longer how they wanted to create video content. The request was to complete the work that had been started, and continue creating videos moving forward, adding in the TCI magic that makes our clients return time and again.

The Collaboration

Our team developed a method of shooting the completed renovations and interviews with the homeowners, that allowed us to gather enough content for a full walkthrough of the space complete with commentary from the client as well as engaging video testimonials. Both the walkthrough and testimonal videos were provided in 2-3 minute lengths and then recut into smaller clips for use on social media platforms. Our post production teams also sifted through the existing footage to complete a six part social media series that needed a long over due conclusion.

Woolrich reached out to us for additional content when it was time to build their booth for the Calgary Reno Show. Working closely with their marketing team we built a stunning slideshow to showcase the true beauty of the work that they do. To enhance the value of the video we inserted clips from the previously shot testimonials and made the entire clip seamlessly loopable.

Our crew also provided some technical guidance for wiring and playback design at the booth level.

The Consensus

Work with the team at Woolrich Renovations is still on-going and we look forward to showcasing more fantastic transformations. Here is a collection of some of our favorite pieces.