The Client

Rootbar was born in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic and we first met them just as hair salons were beginning to open again. Their story of a female entrepreneur overcoming a multitude of obstacles and opening a business in an industry that was closed more often than not during 2020 and 2021 had to be told. The greatest challenge was time. Rootbar was completing it’s final steps to re-opening and they wanted to utilize their story to build an already solid client base.

The Collaboration

We shot all of the material documentary style in a single day. We used two different interview locations to add some variety and shot a lot of broll. The final product resulted in a 4 part series that had secondary social media length cuts as well as three promotional social media clips that were not time sensitive.

Custom lower third graphics were built to match the branding and logo.

While shooting, the client also mentioned some issues with file formats and colour processing for their logo. Our design team did a quick logo rebuild and provided a full identity package and logo set in vector and raster formats.

The Consensus

I love the video! We had so much fun! You are wizards and so fast. The logo is honestly bang on. 

April Brown | President, Rootbar

This project was so much work but so worthy and so fun. The group of women behind Rootbar are an inspiration and our team loves telling these kinds of stories. Corporate video does not have to be boring to be effective, you just need the right people to showcase the message. 

Shawna Mancini | Executive Producer, The Company Inc.